Private Tours

Flexible and customized tours for you & your friends

Why book a private tour?

Private tours are designed around what you want to get out of your vacation so they are fully customizable.
We are the Experts, but you know what you want and our goal is to help you get that Experience you have been dreaming of.
All our guides have a deep knowledge of the city, they know the cultural scene, the history, the traditions and the meaning of each place adding depth and color to your experience.

Custom barcelona tours

Visiting Barcelona with a group of family or friends? We’re here for you. Our travel experts are ready to help you create a custom tour itinerary that makes everyone in your group happy. It’s all about your choice of sights and adventures on your schedule and in your language.

Highlights of Barcelona Tour

“Why Barcelona?
Barcelona Needs No Reason, Barcelona Is Its Own Reason.”

Abel Roca

What our clients say about us

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